JSSB ltd is an experienced CPA firm specializing in preventing and solving personal and business tax problems with the IRS and any state within the USA.

Our goal is to prevent or fix your tax
problem for the least
amount legally
possible, as fast as possible.

We take pride in providing honest and straight forward answers to your questions.  We work to understand how your problem started and work with you to prevent it from happening in the future.

Our philosophy is that no taxpayer
should pay 1 cent more in tax
than legally required.

If non-filed returns, past due taxes, garnishments or levies have you troubled, get in compliance and work out a solution to solve your tax problem today. We get you back on track and work to keep you there.

Information about what the IRS can do to you, possible solutions and more can be found throughout this website.

While the truth is that every tax problem has a solution, you will not qualify for every solution. We will explain every solution currently available by the IRS, and why it may or may not work for you.

We will not push you into a solution
we know you do not qualify for.

Don’t let liens, levies, and seizures disrupt your life. Contact us today. The call is FREE and the RESULTS are PRICELESS!

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