LinkedInJSSB ltd is a CPA firm owned by Kelley Brubaker.

Kelley is a CPA licensed in the state of Ohio specializing in IRS and state tax debt collections representation.  Kelley’s resume and professional accomplishments can be found on LinkedIn.

A life long resident in the Akron-Cleveland area, she currently resides in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Kelley enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters and perpetually holds hope that this is the year she will run a sub-30:00 5K.

She began to focus on tax debt resolution work in 2008 when she had begun working with a few new clients within a several month time frame for tax prep services who shared their stories about how frustrated they were in not being able to solve their tax problem themselves.

She was horrified to hear about their conversations with nationally known tax debt resolution companies which were filled with high pressure sales tactics trying to persuade them to send off thousands of dollars with the “guarantee” of pie in the sky solutions these particular clients didn’t qualify for.  Luckily, these people were wearing their “BS Detectors” and hung up the phone.

How each of them found Kelley was by coincidence, but she was intrigued by a whole new world of the IRS she never considered…Collections and Tax Debt Resolution.  As a CPA, she was trained to prepare tax returns and support small business back office operations but it was always a foregone conclusion that clients filed their tax returns and paid the tax due.

Kelley dove into researching the tax debt resolution industry and found horror story after horror story about how taxpayers were being mistreated by so called professionals, as well as the IRS.  That’s when she decided to specialize to help taxpayers get the help they need.

So, what do you get when you hire JSSB ltd?  Well, we feel we have a unique approach to solving tax problems. We break down the entire process into small steps.  We work through them at a pace you are comfortable with…unless the IRS is literally knocking on your door and has given you quick deadlines to comply with!  We understand the pressure you are already under from the IRS collection machine.  So, you don’t need additional pressure from someone who’s on your side!

​We want to make sure we take the time to understand why you have a tax problem, advise you on how to stop the problem from growing, and determine how best to solve the problem.

If you have not filed a tax return for any number of tax years, we will prepare the unfiled returns for as far back as needed making us a “one-stop” shop.  The first step with the IRS is always to get unfiled returns prepared and filed which is fair.  How can they really know how much you owe them if you haven’t filed your tax return?

If you have already filed tax returns, but have a balance due, we review the filed returns for potential errors.  We have experienced our fair share of situations where the IRS is pursuing collection of a balance that is not correct because the return was prepared incorrectly.

We do not judge or blame the preparer of the return!  Most times under these circumstances, we discover that a tax document was received after the original return was filed or it was lost, misplaced, and forgotten.  We believe that mistakes are rarely intentional.  But, if a return was filed with an error, there is potential to save you a lot of time, energy and money.

We determine if an amendment can be filed to correct the error as there are time limits imposed by the IRS.  If so, we can prepare the amended return and re-assess your situation after the amended return is processed.  If there’s still a balance due, we continue to work with you to resolve the problem.

If we review filed returns and do not discover errors, then we analyze your financial situation and discuss with you each potential solution offered by the IRS.  We will explain why you do not qualify for certain solutions.  For the solutions you do qualify for, we will explain the pros and cons of each to let you decide how you want to proceed.

In addition to resolving IRS tax problems, we also work on solving state and local tax problems too which includes income taxes for individuals and businesses and payroll taxes and sales taxes for businesses.

Our fees are “fixed” fees.  Our fees are billed to you at each step through the process which makes them manageable for you and we offer payment plans.​  We will provide you with a quote at each step along the way.  During our initial conversations, we can give you a “ballpark” estimate about our total fees from start to finish, but our fees are ultimately dependent on the solution you qualify for and choose to implement.  Until we have assessed your situation, we will not know what solution we will be working out for you.

Above all, we believe every taxpayer should have access to experienced and affordable professional representation.

Contact JSSB ltd now to solve your tax problem and finally get the good night’s sleep you deserve.


About Certified Public Accountants

Although the accounting profession has been around for thousands of years, the profession began to formally organize into an accredited profession in the USA in 1887 as a way to improve their status and combat criticism of low standards.  Certified Public Accountants first gained official recognition by the federal government as a class of professionals when President Calvin Coolidge signed the Revenue Act of 1924 into law.  Certified Public Accountants have equal standing with Enrolled Agents and attorneys in representing people in front of the IRS.

You can directly check with the IRS regarding the status of my license, and I encourage you to do this with ANY tax professional you are considering hiring (for CPA’s, contact their State Board of Accountancy, for attorneys, contact your state bar association).

List of state CPA boards

List of state bar assocations

To verify that somebody is an Enrolled Agent, contact:

Office of Practitioner Enrollment
P.O. Box 33968
Detroit, MI 48232
Phone: 313-234-1280
Fax: 313-234-1293
E-mail: epp@irs.gov

To check on the status of disciplinary actions against an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or attorney, contact:

Office of Professional Responsibility
1111 Constitution Ave., NW – Rm. 7238 Washington, DC 20224
E-mail: opr@irs.gov

Never discuss your tax situation with an unlicensed sales representative. Only a licensed tax professional (CPA, EA, or attorney) can legally give you proper tax advice.