Who doesn’t love results?  The best part of our day is when we call a client to tell them that their tax problem is solved!

Here’s a sample of tax problems we have solved*:

Married Couple Saves Nearly $100,000!

Married couple always prepared and filed their personal tax returns on April 15th every year.  One year they received a notice from the IRS that they filed their return incorrectly by not reporting cancellation of debt from their foreclosed home.  They wound up with a tax bill for $93,359.89!  Assuming the IRS was correct, they did what they could to make small payments here and there to the IRS.  But, when the wife became gravely sick, the husband could not take the pressure any more and contacted us for help.

JSSB ltd reviewed the return and tax documents that had caused the large tax bill and realized there was an error in the IRS notice.  An amended return was filed immediately.  As soon as the amended return was processed by the IRS, the couple received a refund check for $3,184!

Offer In Compromise Accepted Reducing $71,965 tax bill to $2,950

The taxpayer was buried in personal and tax debt after a recent divorce which left him with nothing once the dust settled.  JSSB ltd worked with the taxpayer to prepare and submit an Offer In Compromise which was accepted by the IRS to substantially eliminate his tax bill to a manageable $2,950!

Contact JSSB ltd now to solve your tax problem and finally get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

* Results are not typical and are solely dependent on each taxpayer’s unique situation.